Types of Fundraising For Nonprofits

A lot has been written about fundraising over the years in the nonprofit circles. The sheer magnitude of tips and guidelines only makes sense seeing that nonprofits,
by their nature, depend on fundraising to deliver their mission and keep their doors open.

There are many different types of fundraising out there and no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Every nonprofit is different.

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Mydonate Alternatives

Are you still using MyDonate? If so, your donors only have until midnight on Sunday, June 30, 2019 to donate through the platform. After that, MyDonate will cease to exist. More information about the closure can be found here.

Many MyDonate users have already made the switch to Donorbox, but what if you haven’t made up your mind? Time is running short! Consider Donorbox as an excellent and affordable alternative to MyDonate. And there’s no need to worry about the hassle of switching to Donorbox because we make it easy.

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How to Apply For Grants – 5 Tips For Nonprofits Seeking Grant F

There are in fact many grant making associations such as foundations not linked to the authorities in addition to grants available in the US government. While on average over 80 percent of nonprofit financing comes from individual givers, grants may still be a significant source of financing.


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Family-Friendly Fundraising Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Getting kids involved with fundraising can help instill the values of hard work, gratitude, and generosity. But that doesn’t mean these fundraising ideas need to be boring for them! There are plenty of effective and fun fundraising ideas out there that will encourage kids to get in the spirit of giving while still having a lot of fun running around and playing.

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How to engage with nonprofit volunteers

Volunteers are heroes! They are your advocates, champions, ambassadors, and worker bees. They fill many roles in different capacities. Their diverse skill sets give your nonprofit access to a selection of expertise. These include board members, committee leads, exhibit guides, ushers, admins, and more. Therefore, it’s imperative that you recruit and keep a strong volunteer base. More importantly, retain their commitment by valuing their time, effort, and skills and manage them wisely.

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Salesforce For Nonprofits

Salesforce created the Nonprofit Success Pack specifically for nonprofits, with the intention of allowing nonprofits to focus on their impact instead of spending a lot of their time on collecting and crunching data. Over 30,000 nonprofits around the world use Salesforce – from small human services organizations working in a single community to large multinational NGOs and foundations.

The Nonprofit Success Pack features a flexible, open data architecture and pre-built constituent and donor management components.

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