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Perfect for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Recurring Donations

Donorbox makes accepting recurring donations easier than ever. With a few clicks in your dashboard, you can adjust the recurring plan to be anywhere from weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual, catering to your donors’ needs.

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Ways to Boost Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Here at DonorBox , we know the extraordinary impact that the end of the year can have on your fundraising. In fact, last year we saw donations triple in volume!

Our friends at Double the Donation will explain exactly what matching gifts are and then break down the 7 most effective places to inform donors about matching gifts, which are:

Donation form
Confirmation page
Email follow-up
Email newsletters
Social media
Direct mailers
Dedicated matching gift page

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How to Set and Meet Fundraising Goals

Nonprofits, by their nature, depend on fundraising to deliver their missions and keep their doors open. This means that setting and meeting fundraising goals are frequently on top of nonprofit professionals’ minds.

Due to this, there is a sea of information out there about fundraising, and this makes it understandably difficult to know what to do.

Whether your nonprofit organization is setting far-stretched overarching yearly goals or short-term campaign goals – setting and meeting fundraising goals can be complex.

This is why we try to simplify the process in this presentation.